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A new airport has been completed in 2015 with an asphalt runway.The project was funded by the Japanese Government and carried out by the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS).is the capital of Bamyan Province in central Afghanistan.With an altitude of about 2,550 m and a population of about 100,000, Bamyan is the largest town in the central Afghan region of Hazaristan, and lies approximately 240 kilometres north-west of Kabul, the national capital.A shocking video of a brawl erupting in a restaurant has emerged online.Families and young people were dining at Afghan Cuisine in Wilmslow Road, Manchester, when the fight broke out.The Bamiyan valley marked the most westerly point of Buddhist expansion and was a crucial hub of trade for much of the second millennium CE.It was a place where East met West and its archaeology reveals a blend of Greek, Turkish, Persian, Chinese and Indian influence.

Precipitation mostly falls in late winter and spring.

At one point, a man in a bright yellow top is seen trying to get through the chaos when a plate smashes him in the head.

He appears to recover quickly as he manages to successfully head down some stairs with several others. 'He uploaded it to the social networking sharing website yesterday morning, but it is thought to have been filmed on Monday evening.

Bamyan was the site of an early Hindu–Buddhist monastery from which Bamyan takes its name (Sanskrit varmayana, "coloured").

Bamyan's name is translated as ‘The Place of Shining Light’.

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