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After Joseph sent Melanie money to help out, the two made plans for her to fly to his Kansas City home, and Joseph was only too happy to pay her airfare. A hotel in England wouldn’t let her leave because she was unable to pay the bill.

But airport security in London arrested her, Melanie told him, because she had pain medicine, a controlled substance. After Joseph sent her money for the hotel and for airfare for Melanie to visit him, their plans to see each other were again foiled when the plane crashed in Iowa.

Psychologist Monica Whitty, who specializes in romance-scam research, found that those who take the bait for these scams tend to score higher on tests that measure how much they idealize romantic love (from Wired).

If you are looking for information, or believe you have been scammed – please talk to one of these services: SCAMwatch (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission) For information on scams, and to report a scam – head to https:// or call 1300 795 995 (Operates from 8.30am to 6.00 pm EST weekdays, except public holidays) 'Project Sunbird' WA Police and WAScam Net More information about romance fraud, including factsheets, and other people's experiences, go to: talk to a Project Sunbird officer, call 1300 30 40 54 and ask for Project Sunbird (This service is offered nationwide).

He says often the victims they contact are shocked and don’t believe that they are being scammed. JENNY: First of all his money had been delayed and then because of the delay, the project had gone a bit south so he needed money to make up for the fact that things had gone wrong because he hadn't had the money in the first place. Tracee, you thought you'd met this man who you thought was an American Australian soldier through a dating website called Are You Interested? JENNY BROCKIE: Now after about five weeks he told you he'd found gold in Afghanistan? He said that he'd found 125 kilos of gold bullion and he had hidden it. I’d seen that that was my opportunity to live what rest of my life I had the way that I was intended and it was only a short time that the, my posting had been done that I got this reply which came from a US army sergeant in, in the Middle East.

In the end, he was out ,000, a small amount compared to the average loss suffered by victims of romance scammers.

Almost immediately, a woman named Melanie contacted him.

She was English, and her profile picture showed a charming pink-cheeked complexion.

Looking for love online can lead to the loss of tens of thousands of dollars, if you become the victim of scammers who know all the right lines and convince you to send money to pay for their increasing hardships.

Six months after Joseph’s wife died suddenly, he posted his profile on a Christian dating site.

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He or she will present themselves as thoughtful, caring and loving, someone who is looking for their soul mate—and you’re the one.

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