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He didn’t know that I have had years of experience turning down people, as gently as I can, for grant applications.

I won’t be renewing my membership when it expires this week. But in the meantime, Maybe in Meath, 45, isn’t looking half bad.

Who actually gives a monkey’s what their favourite meal is ? And don’t get me started on the guys WHO USE UNNECESSARY BLOCK CAPITALS. If you want a date with this gal, you better learn how to write a full sentence, IYKWIM?

(FYI, though, a large proportion of men seem to prefer their mothers cooking, which is all well and good, but this isn’t a site for a replacement Irish Mammy). It’s as humorous as the exclamation marks and SOUNDS LIKE THEY ARE SHOUTING AT ME. And then there’s the plethora of LOL’s and ‘LMAO’, especially when describing their most embarrassing moment doesn’t sound that mortifying, funny, or interesting.

The security and privacy of our members is of the utmost importance in our procurement of affairs.I get regular notifications through my email account telling me that someone has added me as ‘his favourite’.But being someone’s ‘favourite’ doesn’t necessarily translate into being asked out on a date, or even a message saying hello. A few credit card details later and I get a congratulations email telling me that I am ‘live’. I have almost planned my outfits and picked my diary dates. Desperate in Delvin*, 62 sends me a virtual wink and then, another. Kinky in Kinnegad, 72, sends me a message saying that he thinks I’m sexy. I opt for a discreet photo, after I Instagram it to death. But the allure of a meal in a restaurant, with a man who isn’t related to me, is calling me.

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