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It started when I posed for amateur camera clubs as they were called.

They are clubs where keen photographers meet to exchange bullshit about cameras, lighting, films and all the other nonsense that gets their rocks off.

His shirt was undone and his trousers and underpants were pushed down round his knees. "It's fucking brilliant luv." "Good." "Are you near Sam." "Yes very" I sighed pleased that I wasn't having to feign anything as I lifted my bum up from the sofa a few inches.

He was stunningly erect and I was holding his erection. He pushed two or three fingers up me as far as they would go and pumped them as he hand fucked me. " "Yes" I grunted as my orgasm broke just as he shot a stream of white goo all over and between my small B cup tits.

Usually every other week they have a club night where they hire a model who they photograph as a group in varying stages of undress, all of course in the pursuit of art. It turned that there was a whole cottage industry of studios and models that photographers used.

Yeah right I used to think as their hard ons said to me it's a bit more than art. I signed up with a few studios one in North London, Crouch End, one just over the river in Catford and the third in the East End. A photographer or a wannabee rented a studio by the hour.

It was good training, but a hundred quid every other week hardly bought the wardrobe of sexy undies needed as a model let alone paid for school and the clothes I so enjoyed. The studio had a portfolio of models that they could choose from. And some of them us girls knew had no idea about photography.

The models listed what type of work they did and the photographers chose who they wanted partly by looks and partly by what sort of work the girl did. They had cheap cameras often with insufficient lenses for indoor stuff and they had no idea on using the lights and other studio equipment.

The fortyish guy who had introduced himself as 'just call me Mac' was kneeling beside it.

But what the hell if they are willing to shell out fifty quid an hour for the studio and hundred and upwards for the model so they can spend some time with a pretty girl taking her kit off, who cares? I started by offering glamour, underwear and nude posing.

When I completed the on-line questionnaire I didn't tick the boxes that said: open leg, self-touching and orgasm simulation.

A budding actress at the drama school said as I was bemoaning the fact that my dad was going bankrupt and I might need to leave.

"Why not take up glamour photographic modelling, you've got the looks and figure for it." So I did.

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