The dimensions of timbers in similar application show a gradual diminution from the Sui Dyansty (580~618) to the modern era; a 1st class timber during the Sui was reconstructed as 15×10 (Sui Dynasty inches, or 2.94 cm).

Pre-cut studs save a framer much time, because they are pre-cut by the manufacturer for use in 8-, 9-, and 10-ft (2.44, 2.74 and 3.05 m) ceiling applications, which means the manufacturer has removed a few inches or centimetres of the piece to allow for the sill plate and the double top plate with no additional sizing necessary.Dimensional lumber made from softwood is typically used for construction, while hardwood boards are more commonly used for making cabinets or furniture.Lumber's nominal dimensions are larger than the actual standard dimensions of finished lumber.For wall framing, "stud" or "precut" sizes are available, and are commonly used.For an eight-, nine-, or ten-foot ceiling height, studs are available in inches (296 cm).

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