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You’re great at hiding the negative emotions and displaying the positive ones.

When you fight: When you can’t stifle your feelings any longer.

ISFJYou wear your heart on your sleeve with those who know you best, and you’re very sensitive to criticism.

You hate disagreements and rarely fight, often suppressing your feelings or quietly pushing back when someone says something you disagree with.

When you fight: Only when you’re at the very end of your long fuse.

Ultimately, though, it’s important to realize that the first time others see your feelings is usually the moment conflict begins.

ESFPYou lead with that go-with-the-flow nature, but you often end up in arguments simply because you are direct and matter-of-fact about what you believe.

You are never afraid to speak up if you disagree, especially as it relates to causes you feel strongly for or the people you love. When you fight: When someone disagrees with your values.

If you don’t care about the conversation or debate, though? Speaking up sooner — when something is bugging you, before you start a fight — can help keep the peace for yourself and others.

When you fight: When you’ve been repressing your feelings too long.

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