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So Ken takes him on the back of his bike to The Ponderosa.

They find that three young lads have been larking about in Ken's greenhouse.

Grant, who has an agreement to take 25% of Billy's takings, threatens him: "If you screw this up for me, I'll see you never play for another British club".

Ken collects Patterson and Ibrahim from the airport and takes them to the hotel, but meanwhile Billy has drunk a whole bottle of vodka and is in no state to meet them, particularly in view of the Saudis' disapproval of alcohol.

Stephen Rea [ Frank Warren ], Gregor Fisher [ Tom Mc Geary ], Irene Marot [ Mrs Brandon ], Jack Klaff [ Peter Brandon ], Walter Mc Monagle [ Mr Fowler ], Carol Harvey [ Sue Warren ], Kevin Jukes [ Pat ], Jon Gaunt [ Jerry ], Mary Nutall [ Young Woman ], Simon Watkins [ Large Man ], Barry Ewart [ Alf ], Mark Billingham [ Policeman ], Pearl Chick [ Shopkeeper ], Alan Granton [ Workman ] Frederick Warder [ Arturo Sandini ], Shirin Taylor [ Elena Sandini ], Terence Harvey [ Wadsworth ], Raymond Mason [ Bridgman ], Michael Gunn [ Steve ], Chris Fulford [ Andy ], Sadie Hamilton [ Bobbie ], Brefni Mc Kenna [ Mike ], Alfred Fagon [ Walton ], Julia Tipton [ Girl in Printer's ], Alton Douglas [ 1st Plumber ], Dale Bayford [ 2nd Plumber ], Brian Portsmouth [ Policeman ] Elena and Arturo Sandini (aka Helen and Arthur Sanders) run a circus lion-taming show.

They have knocked over the trays of flowers, turned on the water and flooded the place. The boys have a whip-round and present Ken with the proceeds: just a few pence - "Not enough to buy a plant-pot", as Ken comments.

When Ken and Billy return to The Grand, a chirpy blonde Liverpudlian called Gloria is waiting for Billy.

Michelle Newell [ Georgina Pemberton ], Richard Heffer [ Philip Banks ], Andrew Keir [ Murdoch Johnstone ], John Evitts [ Mr Dudley ], Rosalind Elliot [ Mrs Hutchins ], Trevor Butler [ Wesley James ], Raad Rawi [ Jamal Khan ] Ken recovers the antiques that Philip Banks and Georgina Pemberton, a couple of corrupt antique dealers, have defrauded from an old man, Murdoch Johnstone.

Harry is worried that Mr Dudley, an officious and demanding guest, might be a hotel inspector who will decide whether The Grand will be given a contract for housing homeless people.

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