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Physical skills are mastered so that they are pushed into the automatic part of the brain leaving the children free to think and process while they are doing each activity.

Motor planning and extended challenges are the features for this age group.

Then it is likely to become game on for one heck of a cold and snowy second half of winter.

The active pattern is actually getting started today with a lot of clouds and a few light showers making their way across the region.

Gymba ROO for 3 to 4 Year Olds A quality preschool program for our children is essential, but a neurologically based program like Gymba ROO, can ensure your child is ready for learning.The signs continue to point toward the end of January into February having the potential to be memorable for much of the country. Offensive comments will not be tolerated here nor will political comments.We are a weather blog and if you want to discuss controversial topics… Just look at what a perfect track on the GFS…Saturday Night Sunday Morning Sunday Afternoon The track alone says the highest mountains can pick up some good snows and we will be watching to see if that is the case.The pattern next week was supposed to be a much milder one that sees winter go away for good according to some. that is not going to happen and if next week is a “break” for the country…

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