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2) The payee should file the action in the country where the defendant resides.3) The bank or other institution should not have committed an error in dishonoring the check.6) If the dishonored check arises due to economic hardship upon the defendant, then the court or jury may waive all or part of the damages.The main difference between civil and criminal offenses lies in the intent of the person who issues the bad check.6) Defendants may also need to pay court costs if convicted in addition to the other penalties.The court may impose a monthly interest rate equal to one percent of the check amount.Checks used to pay debts are also generally exempt from state laws governing deposit account fraud.However, some laws may penalize checks to creditors for COD orders.

All she wanted to do was give her grandson a little spending money for his birthday each year.Title 13-6-15, which covers damages for writing bad checks, lays out civil penalties other than criminal sanctions.The law states that any check, bank or order on a bank or other entity in which the person issuing the check is unable or refuses to honor payment is liable for damages.4) The payee should not have known upon accepting the check that there were insufficient funds to honor the check.5) The reason for insufficient funds to cover the check should not be due to the defendant also receiving a dishonored check or other instrument written by the plaintiff.

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