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Sometimes the only date is the year of the compass reading that was used as a reference, in which case we labelled date as 1917 North, although the map itself may well have been done later.In the case of two or three dates appearing on the same map, we usually used the earlier date.Scan ID#: Over 200 of these maps have been scanned by Alan Slingerland of New Archives, courtesy of the Consortium of Rhinebeck History.

His list of clients is an index of the estate owners of northern Dutchess County--Astor, Delano, Dows, Morton, Suckley, to name a few.Since many of these were work papers never intended for use by anyone else, the scale is not written on the map and we had to calculate it by using a ruler with an available distance measurement noted on the map.Material: Only a very few of the maps are on linen, since that was expensive and intended for his clients. Medium: The most recent maps, especially those by Robert Decker, are often printed.If you needed something done right in the first half of the 20th century, you hired Frank J. And although money was probably no object for these clients, Teal was notorious for his low prices.In an article she wrote about Teal for the Egbert Benson Historical Society, Clare O'Neill Carr relates that after he had sent a bill to the contractors for whom he had surveyed the Bard campus for its WPA-era barracks housing, they returned the bill to him, saying it was too low to be acceptable to the authorities in Washington.

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