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However the scene, which saw the pair admit their close contact was 'too much' to handle, sparked a frenzy among fans - who took to Twitter to question whether the duo had sex.The blonde, 35, was heard admitting she was 'too hot', to which Chad teasingly replied: 'Yeah, you are.' Beginning to passionately kiss, the duo were then heard groaning as they shuffled the covers - with Chad claiming: 'This is too much' as Sarah admitted: 'It's not, I want it.' Fans were left shocked by the scene, and took to Twitter to question whether the pair had done the deed on TV.This 2 in 1 jumpsuit from Topshop will do the trick!One fan praised the couple, writing: 'Love Sarah she is my winner, she had to put up with a lot in that house Chad and Sarah are well suited great couple.' (sic)While another spurred them on, adding: 'OOOoooh That Sarah harding at least shes having a Good Time in That House with that Sex God Chad Johnson lol get in there girl :)' (sic) It is not the first time Sarah and Chad have got hot and heavy under the sheets - after the singer was seen seemingly performing a sex act on the hunk last week.They tweeted: 'So Sarah and Chad pull the blanket over their heads to kiss but it's suddenly moved so you can see her feel him up? 'Lol Sarah how you surprise me more&more each episode... You're on TV you filthy mare.'To be fair I've seen a lot worse on #CBB but I'm just disappointed in Sarah. So desperate.'If last night doesn't prove that Sarah Harding is just constantly playing up to the cameras then nothing will!She knows the cameras will catch her so why do something like that so openly? ' Elsewhere on Wednesday's episode, Chad seemingly asked for a whopping 0,000 to show his manhood on TV.

Host Emma admitted Sarah "flew" through all the eviction votes by quite a bit, so it seems the public loved her.Although she only won the finale by 5%."The main reason I wanted to come in and do this [the show], was to show everyone I'm just Sarah," she said in her exit interview."Not the blonde, lairy one from Girls Aloud, and all I wanted to do was be true to myself through the whole journey and I know I've been through ups and downs and everything."Sarah admitted: "I'm in shock. I was so out of my comfort zone, so many big personalities.I needed a new chapter and start a fresh."I just thought what better way to get out of my comfort zone and to show the viewers at home I'm just a normal girl.' With Sarah clearly on his mind, the American hunk then revealed: 'Just... you know...', alluding to going further with the blonde.Getting raunchier as the night went on, Sarah then asked: 'Can you feel that there?

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A show insider told The Sun: 'There's a lot of heavy petting going down between the couple.

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