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In 1985 almost 75 per cent of the work force reported that they had been involved in a romantic relationship that started at work, but by 1995 that figure had dropped to 50 per cent and by 2002, it was 33 per cent, according to surveys by the U. Bureau of National Affairs, the American Management Association, and the Society for Human Resource Management. Fisher noted one intriguing result from the new survey she analyzed: Only 6 per cent of single women said they had ever dated their boss.

"For so many generations, a woman's only career path was to marry well and to marry up.

The Office of Student Conduct (OSC) at San Francisco State supports the University’s educational purpose and goals set forth by interpreting and enforcing standards of student behavior, related policies and procedures under the State of California Code of Regulations, Title V, sections 41301-41304 through Executive Order 1098, Student Conduct Procedures.

The OSC works to maintain a safe and orderly campus environment.Plus, people now have many other opportunities to meet potential partners aside from the workplace, most notably via the Internet.Citing another survey of more than 11,000 married people, Dr.Fisher said is the largest national sounding of its kind - was financed by online dating service and executed by an online research company, One reason may be that employees - especially those just starting out - may be less willing to take risks with their careers in this economy.In fact, there has been a downward trend of workplace romances over the past two decades according to a series of surveys.

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