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Just a quick review and first impressions of the Sumvision Cyclone Primus HDMI MKV media player / HDD enclosure.

This is the latest version of a media player hard drive enclosure from Sumvision. It will take any SATA hard drive upto approx 2TB, and will play literally all media formats out at the moment.

You then attach the bottom of the enclosure by slotting back in and inserting for screws under the feet.

The bottom of the unit can be a bit fiddly to attach.

Sorry for the focusing problems on the video as was recording direct from in front of the tv and the autofocus system on the camera kept messing up, but at least gives you an idea of the way the menu system looks and works.# If anyone can help out with any of the problems that people are having within the comments please leave a comment to help everyone out, as I set this up for my parents so cant always check the various problems and quires that people are asking.

The unit we had didn’t come supplied with a hard drive as we had a 1TB seagate barracuda ST13000528AS sata hard drive that had been taken out of a Iomega external unit. The bottom of the enclosure comes off the unit and you screw you hard drive to the bottom metal plate, then all that you need to do is connect both the data cable and power connector.

You cant get the wrong way round as there is a small notch to align.

To connect to your TV you have a choice of outputs the HDMI or the composite, though composite ie the 3 phono connects are only for standard def and not HD, to get the best out of this player you need to connect a HDMI cable.

I tried all different video formats including 720p & 1080p mkv files ranging from 1gb to 9gb in size with different bitrates, DIVx including divx hd, MP4 720p.

All of the formats I tried had no problems, though sometimes when starting or after fast forward you get a very slight jitter in sound and picture, but this is just for around 1 second.

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